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NFO database


NFO Search database an Internet service provided by Grimnir's Cattery 


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Select the number of generations you will want displayed in the pedigree. 

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Enter the name, or partial name, of the cat to search for.


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COI: is an acronym for "Coefficient of Inbreeding".It is a mathematically computed percentage that describes the degree to which two animals are inbred, meaning that one or more ancestors appear more than once in the pedigree. The theory is that a higher degree of inbreeding results in expression of undesirable recessive gene defects in the offspring. Some people believe that 0% inbreeding, or at least a very low number, is preferable. Sometimes in the literature, you may see COI abbreviated as IC.

ALC: A related coefficient percentage is known as the Ancestor Loss Coefficient (ALC). It describes the degree to which recessive traits from ancestor generations are lost. Another way to think of it is as how many unique ancestors an animal has. If there are no duplicate ancestors, then no unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC = 0%. When there are duplicate ancestors, more and more unique ancestors are "lost", and the ALC percentage goes up. A lower number is preferable. Sometimes in the literature, you may see ALC abbreviated as AVK, which stands for the German word AhnenVerlustKoeffizient.


NFO database, with more than 10.00 cats and with more than 2.000 pictures.

Last updated 04-08-2013.


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